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Welcome to E-Learning Centre
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Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”Malcom X.


E-learning is the future of learning, this is because the internet has bridged the communication gap between peoples and communities. It has also made people in the remotest part of the world learn the same new skills as people in the most advanced part of the world for a fraction of the cost of learning such skill in a classroom.





The Illumination E-learning Centre is an offline and an online community created for people to learn new skills on various subjects and software  using the audio - visual e-learning format and the internet and to learn and interact with each other.




We are in partnership with vendors who offer great courses and certifcations in the following categories:



  • 3D and animation,
  • Audio,
  • Business,
  • Design and development,
  • Home computing,
  • Photography,
  • Video,
  • Mobile,
  • Web and interactive design


 Click on our Courses Page to view the entire subjects we offer.






  •  Over 4,000 videos in different subjects which can be played on low and high bandwidth on your PC, MAC or any mobile device connected to the internet.



  • Each subject is taught by seasoned experts in their own field and we have over 125 tutors from all over the world.



  • Each lesson comes with its own transcripts and working files so you practice as you learn



  • Certificate of completion given at the completion of each course which you could add to your resume, show your friends or colleagues. 



  • Free trials on the course of your choice



  • Affordable.



  • Individual student account to learn at your own pace, anytime and with your mobile device, PC or Mac computer connected to the internet.






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